Monday, 10 February 2014

Dear mama

Dear my lovely unsung hero,
You have the mildest eyes that i ever see
You have the sweetest smile that i ever know
You have the most powerful power than anyone else
Ya you get it through your body mama
I do really love you to the moon and back

And now you are just laying on the hospital bed. Get a sickness and still hasn't sleep well.
Just wondering when will you out from that suck place and start to gimme a huge hug.
I ever wonder nothing about loose that hug even just for couple days and it's feel like I just loose my last piece not the prime but you're a complement. Without you, everything feels so futile cause the puzzle wouldn't be complete
And now you still in the hospital cause hipereksia & hipertensi.
Sorry to say that I can't be there by your side while you are struggling... I just can see it in here... Across the territory cause I need to complete my study.

May Allah cure mama's sickness and bless her in good health.
Glad to see you home fast, wanna kiss and hug you and never let any kind of this things will happen again

In brief, i love you the most beautiful queen that always watch over me by your jokes

Cause you and I both loved